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The Lost Lyrics

This song is by Dizzee Rascal.

Now listen, we're gonna go back to back
Just for a little while and then we're gonna ease out
Yo, underdogs inside the place
Akiros, Swizz, Dizze Rascal
That's worth a listen (Wooh)

It ain't nothin' to make muse like,
We, you're gonna see me comin' through like,
I went solo, certain MC's them went homo,
Use that loose flow that's a no-no for sure though,
Just keep contemplating on me, keep concentrating on me,
You don't know me plus,
Your whole crew's phoney, only,
Asher D's making macaroni with the cheese and,
Me and Swizz about to represent companies,
My whole conglomerate, buys never borrows it,
Precise, we stick to the point like a hollow tip,
Yeah we're the tip, it's the shit don't follow it,
Just keep listening,
The ledge you can swallow it,
I came into the game with a scholarship,
Hooked up with the fellowship,
Not religious with them for the hell of it,
The smell of it just makes you wanna get rid of it,
So we spend cash like we're sick of it.

Yo, raised in the gutter I was told I should fight,
I create and cause confusion from the left to the right,
I'm sweet as a nut I'm doing alright cosy and comfortable,
Still I try and avoid the sergeant, PC and the constable,
Raised in the gutter I was told I should put,
I create and cause confusion from the bottom to the top,
I'm doing ok I can honestly say,
This year I'm flying through,
I could easily find myself a job but I ain't trying to,
I keep it clear and frank,
Relax with the pressure,
I'm dirty and I'm stank,
But ain't nobody fresher,
My haters make enquiries, make it obvious they care,
But when it comes to my location they would love to be aware,
But I could be in the manor, I could be overseas,
I could well be definitely making peas,
I could be live at Wembley warming up for Jay-Z,
But I'm definitely certain that you can't see me,
Definite I hustle, blood, Definitely I grind,
So you can try anything you want,
I definitely don't mind,
I definitely got my ting, I definitely know your face,
So don't jump out of your pram, I'll definitely put you in your place,
Definite I hustle, blood, Definite I grass,
So you can try anything you want,
I'll definitely just laugh,
Definitely got my sword,
It's definitely really sharp,
So don't keep talking like yo' brat, I'll definitely get dark,
Definite I hustle, blood, Definitely I fly,
So you can try anything you want, I'll definitely just sigh,
I definitely know I'm real,
I definitely know you ain't,
So don't try and be no devil cos I'm definitely no saint,
Definite I hustle, blood, Definite I grin,
So you keep taking this for a joke, I'll definitely just grin,
Definitely can't have heard,
Definitely couldn't know,
Don't talk like your on top I'll leave you definitely below.

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