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This song is by Dizzee Rascal, features Caramel and appears on the album Showtime (2004).

Let's talk about over excited boys on the road,
Said he knows Slimzee, Maxwell, God's Gift,
Said he knows Plake, said he knows Ace.
Couldn't get a real name for themselves,
Living off reflected glory, living off face,
Who break all street on every area code,
Claims he's tight wiv mega man,
Cool with Romeo, cousin of Kaish,
Said he knows Neeko, Breder, Hype
Said he had lunch at Lethal's place,
As he looks for the face,
I look for a way to move him clearly outta my face,
Backstage with the N.A.S.T.Y crew
Where I asked him to get out of my FACE,
Then I get a live late night phone call
And I leave him there,
Hopes for the face receiving air,
Pissed 'cause its gone past business hours on the clock this,
So they could look good and tell tales,
It's all jiggy and we look like pals,
20 missed calls is total, plus 8 voicemails, 'bout 14 messages
People can't take hints and messages, and the message is leave me alone.
Number don't look local, this is why I don't answer the phone,
U look like a real top boi when the gurls look
Big bold capitals, front page
People got a problem, act like I used to make dub-plates for them,
And I can be the next big star in your phone book

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