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I Believe In Love

This song is by Dixie Chicks and appears on the album Home (2002).

I Made a promise to myself
Locked it way deep down inside
Told my heart we'd wait it out
Swore we'd never compromise

Oh I'd rather be alone
Like I am tonight
Than settle for the kind of love
That fades before the morning light

Silence stared me in the face
And I finally heard its voice
It seemed to softly say
That in love you have no choice

Today I got the answer
And there's a world of truth behind it
Love is out there waiting somewhere
You just have to go and find it

I believe in love
I believe in love
Love that's real
Love that's strong
Love that lives
On and on
Yes I believe in love

Repeat Chorus

"Tribute to America"

Written by:

Natalie Maines; Martie Seidel; Marty Stuart

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