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I Never Thought

This song is by Divine and appears on the album Fairy Tales (1998).

Standing with your boys on the corner
I see them look at me walking by
But they don't understand how I'm feeling
'Cause boy you are the apple of my eye

I never thought
No never
That I'd find someone to love me like you do
I never thought
In a million years
That you'd make every one of my dreams come true

Baby, there ain't no need for you to worry
'Cause you can turn your back on me
You know that I'll still be here waitin'
Right under the sycamore tree

You're all I see (You're all I see)
I won't let nobody ever come between you and me
See (You're all I see)
Every time they step to me I don't pay then any mind
It's all about you and me

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