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Keep Thy Daemon Inside

This song is by Divina Enema.

(I said: 'Perhaps you will be willing to show
Me my eternal lot, and we will contemplate
Together upon it, and see whether your lot or
Mine is most desirable.' ...So the Angel said:
'Thy phantasy has imposed upon me, and thou
Oughtest to be ashamed.' I answered: 'We impose
On one another, and it is but lost time to converse
With you whose works are only Analytics'.
I have always found that Angels have the vanity
To speak of themselves as the Only Wise. This
They do with a confident insolence sprouting
From systematic reasoning.)

...All this because of them
Who can't exist
Without each other...
And now I hope
You're going to abandon
Your foolish quest at least

"What's going on outside?
Who is that?
Why are you trying to enter?
Stop it, I'm going to cry -
Don't try to creep under the shelter"
Lie down and wait for me! -
"Take back the hands of yours!"
Prepare to pick your sick
And open the doors
Meet second angel and keep him inside.
He's one you're not to like
Who looks gargoyle alike
In the name of...

There's important piece of news -
But just have a look at this
What can you say?
You won't refuse
To catch and eat your enemies
"Have we ever met before -
You're looking like a dead
Have we ever met before -
I have never seen like that
And I will probably never see it again!"-
(I) Belong to you my Dear
As you belong to me
In the name of GOD!

Nobody found the invisible border
Is breaking up your brain to the pieces
Keep your daemon inside
Your ego and your mind
Because your angel can't live without him
(He shalt be) not alive, not alive
They can't exist without each other

Each of people keeps inside
Daemon next to the holy Angel
Each of people keeps inside
Good and evil, black and white
"I am uneasy 'cause I can lose my will -
I do not want to pay this diabolic bill!"
Too late and you must keep your daemon inside!
He's one you're not to like
Who looks gargoyle alike
In the name of...

Because of your sick idea -
Because of your infinite wishes
You got the key with me:
We're going to open almost any door
There is unholy key deep down in your soul
I'm over there...
I am yours for ever more!
You are possessed with me and keep me inside!
(I) Belong to you my Dear
As you belong to me
In the name of GOD!

Forlorn between the fragile pages of eternity -
Thus lost among the countless tomes of your fears and insanity.
You're loath to be impassive to the surges of your destiny
But now your mutilated corpse obeys the law of mortuary.

Astray within your puzzling mind,
Obviously you couldn't meet me -
I haven't spoken when I am arrived -
Keep me inside, my newfound mistress...
You or me - who looks gargoyle alike
Decide which one so keep me inside!

Strange venture none the less -
This brew is gone, your pot as used to be
Empty -
There is only echo screams there more than terribly.
Oh let me live inside demented kingdom of infinity -
Infinity of all your dreams and now obey my sorcery.

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