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This song is by Diversions.

I've been finding lately that I have been walking on the water
That you poured from the sky
Treasures behind closed doors
You looked into my eyes told me you loved me
Looked into my heart and saw your spirit there

Could it be that I've found you could it be that
I put the nails in your hands then I looked into your eyes
Told you I love you looked into your heart saw it broken for me

The flame in your eyes is guiding me home and the sight of your glory
Catches my breath with you I feel so fragile

Lately I've been finding that the water has been falling down
Step upon the waves treasures behind closed doors
Then I looked into your heart found that you love me
Looked into your eyes knew that it was you

You looked into my eyes you looked inside my heart you saw my soul
In my eyes you saw my life in my heart

The flame in your eyes guides my way leading me through the desert to home
The sight of your glory catches my breath I smile and know that with you I am safe