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The Abuser

This song is by Diva Destruction and appears on the album Passion's Price (2003).

What started it all, what cut the wound?
The one which never will heal, so many
Attempts to vent each day, or suffer in a worst way
They have no cure, they have no clue!
But does it matter to you, does it matter anyway
Victim, abuser which one are you now, victim
Abuser we're all just one and the same, why hide
Your real pain now? why always hide it now
Our wounds just won't even heal here, our wounds
Are just set for life, so wake up, so wake up
Just wake up, my anger at me, you anger at
Them, which one is best, and better for whom?
'Cause I've seen all of their tombs, no pills will work
To drown the rage, so stop denying it's there
And find a new way, so wake up, just wake up

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