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This song is by Distant Wreck.

"I swear, modern life is war."
It's what she said when she closed the door.
We can't find love here anymore,
It's not for certain, I'm love lost,
I can't see no more.
Love lost, I can't feel no more.
Young man and his heartless lullabies,
love stands for nothing.

Cut me out, walk away,
I'll never forget.
Safe place, safe place, safe place.
We turned into everything we hated.
I'd rather dream tonight than live today.
I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid.
Bitter, broken and cold,
I'm drenched and awake.

Over my shoulder, I whisper, "not today."

Farewell goodbye.
Over my shoulder, I whisper.
"We whisper."

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