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The Gospel Truth I

This song is by Unknown Artist and appears on the Disney soundtrack Hercules (1997).

You go girls!

We are the muses, goddesses of the arts, and proclaimers of heroes.
Heroes like Hercules!
Honey, you mean HUNK-ules. Whoo-hoo, I'd like to make some sweet music with him...
Our story actually begins long before Hercules...many eons ago...

Back when the world was new, the planet Earth was down on its luck
And everywhere gigantic brutes called Titans ran amok!
It was a nasty place! There was a mess wherever you stepped
Where chaos reigned and earthquakes and volcanoes never slept!

And then along came Zeus-
He hurled his thunderbolt
He zapped!
Locked those suckers in a vault!
They're trapped!
And on his own stopped chaos in its tracks
And that's the gospel truth!

The guy was too type A to just relax
And that's the world's first dish
Zeus tamed the globe while still in his youth
Though, honey, it may seem inposs'ble-
That's the gospel truth!
On Mount Olympus life was neat
And smooth as sweet vermouth
Though, honey, it may seem inposs'ble-
That's the gospel truth!

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