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That's So Raven

This song is by Unknown Artist.

(Verse 1)
If you could gaze into the future(future, future)
You might think life would be a breeze(Life a breeze)
Seeing trouble from a distance(yeah)(Go Rae)
But it's not that easy(Oh no)(Take it to the bridge now)

I try to save the situation
Then I end up misbehaving(Oh,oh,oh,oh)

Hey, now,
What you say now,(uh, uh,uh)
Bout to put it down
Yeah, come on and ride with the Ra now
And the future looks bright now,
Then everything's gonna change, now
Let's Rock,Here we go now

(Go Rae) (Let's go)

That's So Raven,
It's the future I can see
That's So Raven,
It's so mysterious to me x4

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