Tarzan: The Broadway Musical (2006)

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Musical soundtrack by various artists.
  1. Two Worlds - Voice of Tarzan, Ensemble
  2. You'll Be In My Heart - Kala, Ensemble
  3. Who Better Than Me - Terk, Young Tarzan
  4. No Other Way - Kerchak
  5. I Need to Know - Young Tarzan
  6. Son of Man - Terk, Ensemble, Tarzan
  7. Sure As Sun Turns to Moon - Kala, Kerchak
  8. Waiting for This Moment - Jane, Ensemble
  9. Different - Tarzan
  10. Trashin' the Camp - Terk, Ensemble
  11. Like No Man I've Ever Seen - Jane, Porter
  12. Strangers Like Me - Tarzan, Jane, Ensemble
  13. For the First Time - Jane, Tarzan
  14. Who Better Than Me (Reprise) - Terk
  15. Everything That I Am - Voice of Young Tarzan, Tarzan, Kala, Ensemble
  16. You'll Be In My Heart (Reprise) - Tarzan, Kala
  17. Sure as Sun Turns to Moon (Reprise) - Kala
  18. Two Worlds - Jane, Tarzan, Ensemble
  19. Phil Collins:Everything That I Am - Phil Collins (Bonus Track)

Written by:

Phil Collins

Based on:

novel Tarzan of the Apes Wikipedia16 by Edgar Rice Burroughs Wikipedia16


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