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Hot, Hot, Hot

This song is by Samuel E. Wright and appears on the Disney soundtrack The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000).

This song is a cover of "Hot Hot Hot" by Arrow.
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Hot Hot Hot
Ole ole ole ole
Ole ole ole ole

Oh man, it’s hot out here! It must be at least 900 degrees in the shade.

Me mind on fire, me soul on fire
Feeling hot hot hot
All the people, all around me
Feeling hot hot hot

What to do, when I’m like this
Is it sweet, I can't resist
We need a party song
A fundamental jam

So we go rhum, rhum, rhum, rhum, yeah
Yeah rhum, rhum, rhum, rhum
Feeling hot hot hot, you feeling hot too?
Feeling hot hot hot, I feeling very hot

See people rocking, hear people chanting
Feeling hot hot hot, c’mon now!
Keep up this spirit, Come on let's hear it
Feeling hot hot hot

It's in the air, Celebration time
Is it sweet, captivate your mind
We need a party song
This fundamental jam

So we go rhum, rhum, rhum, rhum
Yeah rhum, rhum, rhum, rhum
Feeling hot hot hot
Oh man, feeling hot hot hot

Feeling hot hot hot

Oh no, my footsies are so hot.

Feeling hot hot hot

Wait a second. Oh sorry lady, didn’t mean to step on you, you know.

Ole ole ole ole

I’m going to join this!

Ole ole ole ole
Ole ole ole ole

That’s good!

Ole ole ole ole

I need some water now. Can’t sing this hot, You’re absolutely right it’s hot.
I will say... oh we not going to sing now?

Feeling hot hot hot...

This is a great party.

Haha, yeah, I bet we’re having almost as much fun as, ah, um, as humans.

Written by:

Alphonsus Cassell Wikipedia16

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