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Bonkers Theme Song

This song is by Unknown Artist.

Once upon a time in Toontown, there was a cat that had it all:
Fortune and fame, top of the game, up until he hit the wall.

Now he makes a living downtown, walking to a brand-new beat,
Slippin' through the new day, trippin' on a two-way ticket down a one-way street.
Beep! beep! beep!

Who's that cop cracking up crime? Stop the clock. Hope he gets here on time.

Let's go Bonkers, yeah, totally nuts. Bonkers, no if's, and's, or but but's,
Bonkers, someone's stealing his show? Can't see ya', gotta' go-go!

He's so Bonkers, way out on the street. Bonkers, he's most definitely.
Bonkers, a little bit out of his mind, but ain't that bobcat one-of-a-kind?

Ready for some big surprises? It's bound to get a bit extreme!
Look out, Piquel, you never can tell, he's gonna' make your life a scream!

Bonkers with his pal Miranda, staking out some shaky ground.
Jitters gets the jumbles, grumbles only mumbles every time he comes around!
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Who's that fawn stealing his heart? The heat is on, a party's about to start!

Let's go Bonkers, yeah, totally nuts! Bonkers, no if's, and's or but but's,
Bonkers, someone's stealing his show, Can't see ya', gotta' go-go!


Bonkers, things are getting out of control, he's caught in a trap, ready to snap,
Zappin' the cap'n and takin' the rap.

But you can't hold back that wacky attack, that's why he's still a star,
'Cause you're Bonkers, Bonkers, Bonkers, Bonkers!
Wherever you-wherever you-wherever you-wherever you are! Bonkers!

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