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Live For The Fear (Of Pain)

This song is by Dismember and appears on the album Death Metal (1997).

Born without dying empty
Walk alone for a lifetime denied
The spark of life forever missing
A fear so vast it grows inside

Soul bleeding never healing
At the end of the day my spirit leaving

Of all I own handful of a
Solid void what's left to give
Can't get rid of all this guilt
Blame myself for as long as I live

Blind, Cold, Bitter (sings "Desire" 1st time)
From dreamfield to death
Wasted life on living
Suicidals see no reason for another breath

Still forsaken hope all taken
Keep on feeding the nightmares within
I see it clear still so tragic
Against frustration no one wins

Sinking deep into depression
Suffering the weight of confession

Upon the loss of a better fate
Laid out before me all pure hate

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