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This song is by Disillusion and appears on the album Gloria (2006).

It's warlike
In the streetlight
And we elbow our way through the pale night
It's everybody elses dream
But not mine
I'm not that kind

In the streetlight
And things got a little impolite
What I said I won't remember
But the answer kicked the flame

The snap-lock
And the peacock
Librettos never promised that much luck
Push always comes to shove
And we're dancing in red and blue corners

The bomb dropped
And the horde rocked
Boom! They all know I got knocked
It's me against the seven dwarfs
Yea call it a setback

And you tie everyone around you
And you sing and pull the strings
And take 'em all down

You've tied everyone around you
Just a thing to mask the slain
You took 'em all down

In the streetlight

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