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Inhaling A Vomitous Iniquity

This song is by Disentomb and appears on the album Sunken Chambers Of Nephilim (2010).

Sickening convulsion
Wretched chunks in my lungs
Bile returning to my gut
Swallowing my bodily rejection
Inhaling vomit
Putrid guttural infection

Inhalation of pre-consumed mist
Once an apostle of god
Now a minion of the beast
Expelling abominable clouds

Corrosion of stomach lining
Leads to oral ejection
Regurgitated from my mouth
Inhaling a vomitous iniquity

Once an apostle of god, now a minion of the beast

Litres of discharge fill my torso
Drowning in malignant secretions
Swallowing mucas

Apostles condemned to conversion
Triggering the transformation
Becoming a despised beast
An iniquitous form replacing life

Lobes dilate from gushing waste
Dissolves and penetrates endothelium
Ulcerated, vessel walls rupture

Rancid expulsion forced into my
Respiratory system

My allegiance has changed
Vile courses through my veins
Those who worship Christ must be purged
An iniquitous form replacing life

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