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Abhorrent Expansion

This song is by Disentomb and appears on the album Sunken Chambers Of Nephilim (2010).

Murderous archangels

The spread of a cancerous faith sweeps
Through the nations of the ancients
Mortals are divided by their allegiance
An abhorrent expansion of theories that
Has been foretold for millennia

Realms set for collision to unleash
A war of ungodly magnitude
Murderous arch angels

An age of war is dawning
Faith tears holes in the fragments of reality
Legions march onward to the throne of the holy
The alignment is complete
Earth now covered by laws
Of the demonic and angelic

Realms set for collision to unleash a war

Massive casualties result from sudden impact
Limbs of angels fall from the sky
The wings of purity cover the floor
Of the world

Murderous archangels waging holy war

A war that will scorch the earth
Screams and final prayers echo
The landscapes

Jesus' armies diminish in the wake of the hordes
His empire of faith now eroding
Under the decomposed bodies of angels
That swore to protect it
Murderous archangels waging holy war

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