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You Ruined Everything

This song is by Disclaimer and appears on the album The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss (2004).

So it's all gone
Six years vanished in a puff of smoke
So thick with tainted memories you couldn't help but choke
All those promises you made
Melted and vaporized
And stained my glasses with the salty residue of lies

You ruined everything
You took our past and you stripped it of everything
You ruined everything
I got screwed

I'm reeling from the absence of a love I'd earned
Your heart's not the one that's broke
So you are not concerned
No explanation and no time to dodge the knife
Just a coldcock at the center of my life

You ruined everything
You smashed my forelegs and dumped me in the stream
You ruined everything
I got screwed

So I'm now the facedown crown jewel of the offal pile
I'm certain that I'd throw up if I tried to force a smile.
The contrast burns; being feted, fellated, and then filleted
Wish I'd known ahead of time it was all a charade

You ruined everything
Our friendship has been reduced to decanting
You ruined everything
And you say the pain you've caused is exhausting
You ruined everything
You left me hanging in a noose of smoke rings
You ruined everything
I got screwed