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Wrong For The Right Reasons Is Still Wrong

This song is by Disclaimer and appears on the album The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss (2004).

Although I guess that I will never know
All the things your heart can do
I'll offer up my withered olive branch
And hope that it looks like a Christmas tree to you
I know that I have no legal recourse
And all the pleas in the world won't alter things
Impossible, but I must accept
I've fallen short with the girl of my dreams

I wrecked your intricate stipple art
By trying to connect the dots
My good intentions alone couldn't make up for all I'm not
The shame of failure dictates that I act as oppressed as the Falun Gong
I can protest all I want
But wrong for the right reasons is still wrong

Though I deserve to be with you by any rational measure
I also know love's not about staring at a ledger
And keeping score with tally marks and accounting equations
Your heart's in charge and I can't argue with its dumb-ass proclamations

Please give me time
Maybe we can talk and try to construct a bridge over the abyss
But for right now
All I can hope is that some point I'll believe a word of this

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