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I Couldn't End It There

This song is by Disclaimer and appears on the album The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss (2004).

I couldn't end it there
Though it threatens not to stop

Everyone drives so slow here
Pinning me to this faded scenery
Even the brand-new plazas conceal
Burial grounds for memories
I roll my windows up
But you're still in the air
Nothing's been resolved
I couldn't end it there

I couldn't end it there
With you licking the smile off my face

It's sad that I don't even know
If you still like this type of music
Or if Pink Floyd still makes you cry
Or you've decided you're a blues chick
Ugliest Man in Rock, shooting arrows everywhere
I'm just making things worse
I couldn't end it there

I don't work the way I used to
Ever since you ran away
Magnetic poles reversed
I'm a garage sale giveaway
But it's a social taboo to acknowledge one's own defeat
So I'll keep putting on a show
Though there's no one in the seats

I couldn't end it there
Would've been redundant anyway

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