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War Among Brothers / D.S.C. Anthem

This song is by Discipline and appears on the album Guilty As Charged (1996).

I speak for myself, I'm not afraid
I choose my own, it's the choice I made
You live your life, I live mine
According to the way I feel it's right
Who the fuck are you to decide
Whatever is wrong up my mind
Open your eyes, are you blind?
You're startin' a war among brothers that can't be won
So tell me now, who's smart and who's dumn
You're priciples are good, that's a fact
For them you get my full respect
But you don't know what they're all about
According to the way you carry them out
Just because I'm not straight edge
That's for you a good reason to hate!
How can something be so misunderstood
Where did they go, the times of brotherhood?
Are you tryin' to tear our scene apart?
For you I've got no respect, 'cause you've got no heart
But let me finish with an old expression
To be or not to be, that's the question!

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