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Today Belongs To Us

This song is by Discipline and appears on the album Nice Boys Finish Last (1999).

We all got hopes and dreams,
We wish for to come true
But at the ensd of the day,
None of 'em ever do
So I'm not gonna wait and see,
What the future holds for me
I'm just gonna seize the day,
And take what's within my reach

Today - Today belongs to us

Lives are being thrown away,
By millions in this world
Who're all waiting for opportunities
That'll never come
Life's already short,
So you gotta give it your best try
You only live once,
So now is the time to do it right

Today - Today belongs to us

So don't ask me,
Why I'm living my life from day to day
I'm just enjoying the moment,
Sometimes they can never take away
Don't try to fool me
And stop causing all the fuss
I'm just telling you that
Today belongs to us

Today - Today belongs to us

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