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The Boys Are Back In Town

This song is by Discipline and appears on the album Nice Boys Finish Last (1999).

They call us hooligans, they call us thughs
Without a reason
We got banned from their pubs
But Lighttown's calling
So we won't stay at home
We love this place to much
The streets is where we belong
CH: the boys are back in town
They're just plain scared of what they see
They don't know nothin' about you and me
Stupid-ass hippies are
Trying to rule our town
Ignorance and prejudice, it's all around!
CH: the boys are back in town
Hardcore, skins and thugs
We should all unite
Together we'll have a hell of a night
It takes more than their hate
To get us down
Together - We're gonna smash up this town
CH: the boys are back in town

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