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This song is by Discipline and appears on the album Nice Boys Finish Last (1999).

I've known you, since you were ten
It's so hard to lose a friend
But I gotta go on with my life
Without you I gotta survive

You always stood by my side
We shared our tears,
We fought for our pride
We fought for each other
Through good & bad
And now there's only the memories left

Memories - From the past
Memories - The only thing that's left
Memories - Here comes the pain
Memories - They will always remain

Sham, The Rejects, those were our roots
We marched the streets with
Our steelcapped boots
I remember the laughs,
I remember the joy
I remember all the crazy
Nights out with the boys

We were loud & proud
We fought against the world
We fought each other for some stupid girl
We lived our lives, we had our stay
We stepped outta line, we did it our way!

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