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This song is by Discipline and appears on the album Guilty As Charged (1996).

Here we are, once again
The Stompin' Crew and all our friends
Time's almost up, we're runnin' late
So we came to set the record straight
According to you we're not Hardcore
But up till now I've never seen you before
You're standing there with yout agnostic shirt
Listening to songs you've never heard
You talk about unity in the scene
But you don't even know what the word means!
You just bought your first Punkrock CD
And you're already criticizing me
I don't give a damn about what you say
'Cause you change your style everyday!
I've seen it in the past, I know how it goes
You guys don't even last as long as your clothes
I'll see it next week, I'll see it next year
Before you've heard one song you'll be outta here!

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