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All Over The World

This song is by Discipline and appears on the album Nice Boys Finish Last (1999).

We've done a lot of shows,
All over the world
We've made a lot of new friends
Seen a lot of new faces
Sometimes it's so good
That we wanna stay
It often sucks, that it's only for one day
The days are too short
We got no time to waste,
In every city,
There's another beer to taste
CH: From Lighttown to New York
From London to Kreuzberg
All Over the world we got our friends
We'll stick together till the bitter end
We pass on by, like a hurricane
Just empty bottles left, to remain
But the show must go on,
We got a road to beat
We got gigs to play
We got people to meet
We don't know their language,
We don't know their names
But once we got drunk, they're all the

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