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Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

This song is by Disciple and appears on the album By God (2001).

Verse 1
Through my haste, impatience waits
the time has come, I hesitate
feel so dry, I'm dead inside
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

so I wake up and I feel that there is nothing real
I haven't heard Your voice in so long (Jeremiah 40:3)
and I know this drought is probably not Your fault
I'm so weak and thirsty

On my knees I need You (Romans 14:11)
I did not mean to leave You
all my heart receives You
it was me it's not You
restore me, strengthen me (Psalm 119:28)
I'm sick and tired, of sick and weak
I decrease, You increase (John 3:30)
heal me of this disease

Verse 2
My heart is thin, sin creeps in
I know You see the pride in me (James 4:6)
my mind is gone, I can not think
I have not prayed for weeks and weeks

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