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Not The Same

This song is by Disciple and appears on the album Back Again (2003).

Verse 1
How can you be of God?
When you look, when you dress,
When you smell just like the world
Do you see me as being bad,
A friend your children shouldn't have,
Just one glance and you know what I'm about

It's not the length of my hair,
It's not the clothes that I wear (1 Samuel 16:7),
It's the cross that I bear (Mark 8:34)
Cause you know that I am

In the world not of it, (John 15:19)
Cause we gotta show the world He loves them,
Even though we look the same we're not the same;
Our inside is not like them

Verse 2
God where can I look for you? What will it look like,
What will it be like when I gaze my eyes on you
Will I find You a hungry man, will I find You in a prison,
Or will I find You in the office of a church? (Matthew 25:35-36)

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