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This song is by Disciple and appears on the album Back Again (2003).

Verse 1
Have you ever, ever crossed your heart, ever hoped to die
Have you ever, ever fell apart, ever told a lie
Have you ever, ever spilled a crumb, ever doubted Tom
(John 20:25,29)
Have you ever, pulled out your thumb, let the course run

chastise (Hebrews 12:6), baptize (Matthew 3:11),
belt-feed (Hebrews 12:6), bring me your face (Psalm 27:8)

You are holy, Almighty (Revelation 4:8),
You are worthy (Revelation 4:11),
Lord you own me (1 Corinthians 6:19),
bring me Your face (Psalm 27:8)

Verse 2
Have you ever, ever had the faith, ever really prayed
Have you ever had a thrill, ever got your fill
Have you ever, ever shut it out, ever lost your doubt
Have you ever, pulled out your thumb, let the course run

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