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But Wait There's More

This song is by Disciple and appears on the album By God (2001).

Verse 1
If I'm wanting to eat a steak
then I won't go eat chinese buffet
and if I want an Italian feast
then I won't go to a mexican place
and if I'm wanting to drive a Honda
I won't go buy a Chevrolet
and if it comes in black and white
then I won't go try and make it gray

What you got on the outside
is coming in on the inside (Philippians 4:8)
what you got on the inside
is coming out on the outside (Luke 11:39)
who you are affects what you do

Well you gotta be who you are (Proverbs 23:7)
and don't be what you're not
if you want to be of the world
well then you can't be of God (James 4:4)

Verse 2
and if it makes your drummer sick
then you don't eat at a pizza buffet
and if you want to eat grilled cod
then you don't order a fish fillet
you don't go to a mechanic
when something's wrong with your backand
if you have a little girl
then you don't go name her Jack