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Shroud of Iniquity

This song is by Discharge by Death and appears on the album Discharge by Death (2010).

What I do makes me feel right
What I learned to took from society
What I feel spawned from a tortured past
Exist under a shroud of iniquity...

In the darkest hour the end begins fervently
Craving carnal lust, consumes rationality
Desire of flesh, and all its greed and deeds
Will absorb and devour every shred of vitality
I will carry you, down to the decisive end
Well fueled and nourished by brutal finality

Wicked acts go unseen the disease
Part of society, all involved born into sin
Mankind can never win, forgotten ones learn
What they're shown, minds are not the same
Conform to cultures ways
Expected compliance is what they say...

Brutal acts have never changed
History shows it's always been
Do you fight against the cause
It will bring death to us all

Crushing victims of hypocrisy
Banished mortal from society
Killing fueled by hate of man
Stripped my place from the promised land
Done in the dark of iniquity
Spared vengeance for no one
The lecherous plague in my soul
Was give me from the world...

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