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Crossbreeding the Maleformed

This song is by Discharge by Death and appears on the album Discharge by Death (2010).

Degenerate human seed procreate
Wretched birth of blasphemy
Criminal act of morality
Disfigured appendage protruding


Drawn to perverse atrocitys invalid life
Crossbreeding the maleformed
Sibling orgies, birth of the gene proliferate inneruterine
Putrid sack of unnatural being pussing face
Secretions oozing black
Stem cell interlocking research
Theretical mistake
Theretical mistake
Theretical mistake
Theretical mistake

Twisted face, tangled veins, blinded eyes
Mangled limbs, mutant organs, brain exposed
Exposed guts, slaughtered brain, Pallid cleft
Seizure prone

Innards bleed profusely, experiment kept alive
Forced to feel, through a tube, mortal sin
Immortalized, profound being, using host to
Bear them all, breeding lust amongst themselves
Serve the God of the lab

Born to be vile - disease
Torn from the womb - surgically
Clone from the scraps - DNA
Alone in this world - misery

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