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Discharge By Death (2010)Edit

Discharge By Death - Discharge by Death

Discharge by Death

  1. Necrosis
  2. Bleed Deep
  3. Butcher Jesus
  4. Crossbreeding the Maleformed
  5. Anthem of Scorn (cover of "Anthem Of Scorn" by Blood)
  6. Shroud of Iniquity
  7. Baptised in Blasphemy
  8. Secret Years
  9. Fetal Snatch Thief

Additional information

Also known as:


Years active:

2000 (as Goatvomit), 2000-present

Band members:

  • J-Sin - Lead Vocals, Bass, Drums (2000-present, 2003-present)
  • Torch - Vocals, Guitars, Bass (2000-present)
  • Dirty Sanchez - Guitars, Bass (2005-present)

Former members:

  • Worm - Unknown (2000-2004)


Record labels:

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