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Contact With The Real

This song is by Discharge and appears on the album Grave New World (1986).

I remember
All the marks it left up my arm
Just trying to find my vein
Sometimes it would hurt hurt so much
But I kept on going
Ignoring ignoring the pain

As I sat
With blood pouring down
My nose and
Nose and throat
I lost contact
Contact with the real
Real real me

I wasn't as careful
As I should have been
And soon it began to show
I started to feel
Tired and very sick
And I watched my eyes
Eyes turn yellow
It was just about then
That I parted with drugs
And just had a drink now and then
But even before
I was over hep
I had my friend
In my arm again

I met up with a girl a while ago
She was living the same life
Lost in the same dream
We shared a room in the city
Though you couldn't really call it home
Well it seemed as though
Drugs just destroyed her will to live
She always had a smile for me though
Even when she was filled with pain

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