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This song is by Disaster K.F.W. and appears on the album Death Ritual (2003).

Only a short Track
And the bloodiest
Way of all

Playground for warriors
Bloodthirsty slaughters
Psychotic Leaders

Attack the turmoil
Feel my burnin'
Sword of hate

Screams from the field-blood spills
Killed by an axe-gore hills
Breath the screams from the injured
Smell blood from death
Hear demonic oaths
Feel uprising souls
See dismembered corpses
Fear for yourself

Feel my hate
(It's) a pleasure to torment


You're my first snack
I break your bones
And last your neck

Rip your heart in two
One half for me
And one for you

Without mercy I sacrifice
I don't said twice
Eat them alive

Screams from the field...

Feel my teeth
(My) immortal greed for flesh


(Lyrics: Sepsis)

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