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This song is by Disarmonia Mundi and appears on the album Nebularium (2001).

Our life is sometimes
A story set in a game level,
We never leave until the will dies
If our credits were forever

And now the time has come
I feel so weak
I was weared out by the wander
And I can't believe
Answer's here
In this silent shadow

All's silent in deepest freeze
Flowing back I see
The steps of my history
And their immobility

People flowing, looking on
And never turn back
Deepest dreaming hypnotized
Our steps give rules to time

Alone in a crowd, likes of me
Shadows fight against shadows of time
Alone in a room the end I can't see
I cry, just leave me alone

It follows near behind
Alone against the shadows of time

I hear his breath of centuries
Millennium-old heart pulse
Be my nebularium
Save my life from its hold

I slowly turn my look
There's a mirror behind
An old man in the reflection
The shadow is me

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