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​Faster Faster Kill

This song is by Disarm.

Systematica, automatica, freaky Squeezy dose of erotica

Punky kinky, lounge king monkey, Double XL size to fit you funky

Manequin, dirty sin, fascist fetish lacked the lust to keep it in

Incitation, copulation, slick and sleazy theory of a sex type notion

Kiss me in heaven, fuck me in hell, swing that thing, baby, do it again

Turn elastic, sex type plastic

Shake it, suck it, break it, go fantastic

Red light, good to go

Crack and mescaline

20 bucks an hour back street sex type thing

You wanna get it now, you wanna take it now

You wanna get it now, faster, faster kill

Hardcore quicker, superstar stripper, Slutty sideshow still you're feeling bitter

Quick fix, baby, baby unstitch

Caught up in the hijack from a psycho kiss

Masticate, speculate

Screwed and lose the money shot, a second too late

New addiction, premonition

Cut up, carved up, stuck up, death hype situation