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This song is by Dis Pater and appears on the album Princess of the Emerald Garden (2003).

A heavenly radiance
Out from the ancient gate
It seams like our race is over
A moment from eternal
An instant before the last step
Our tired hands
Start their mystery weaving
A dazzling light makes our fingers shiver
Best time to believe!
To throw off the fetters
To try looking at the wall
Restraining the tremble
Interminable moment
A final movement forwards destiny...
Can we recognize each other
Can we find ourselves
A Future leaks trough the soul

It seams like something
I didn't success reproaches me
Something I missed
Is now my curse
Can we endire
The pressure of the cross
The bones are cracking
The groans and wheezing
From everywhere
From everyside

Can we look through the doors
Our hands are stretching there
Shiving for there
Is there rescue or a curse
Are there answers from above
From the front
But we've lost the self control
Seems we've got to someone's rule
It's so fear
We were thousands but now
Everyone is just alone
Quit along

I'm a mirror watching myself
What is happening ~ awful dress!
Sword and raincoat, bag and baggier
Am I knight now?! Is it fate?!
All are mirrors all are with blades
Birthing flashes we must wait
It's not end yet, not last race
Gate is entrance in new age

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