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This song is by Dis-Missile.

I only wish I knew the way
This selfishness is surrounding me
I'm overflown with so much to say
With fire like rainfall, pouring, drowning me
I only wish there was some use
In trying to pull myself away
Or some way to untie the noose
That's hanging me from every word you say

And I pray
(That you could take it back someday)
These victimless crimes
That spread like wildfire
And all I know is all that's left of a soul
Floating away as ashes in the wind

I only wish there was some place
That we could talk alone
I'm overflown and I'm so afraid
This loss is hitting here too close to home
Are we really bleeding
If we cannot feel the pain (?)
I wish I could take it back
Take it all away

Everything falls apart

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