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​Sacred Meadow

This song is by Dirtyseal.

Life's hectic at times

I sit alone in this booth, trying to reason the rhymes

It's a shame we work jobs, caching up all the pay

'Cause at the end of the day, they only take it away

It's like memories- although we take pictures to last

The ones we love are only humans and they're built to pass

If I could find the time, I'd try to make you mine

And we could leave this desolation called creation behind

It's a laugh, right? well, it's just my style

'Cause even when we disagree, you conquer me with you're a smile

And when I'm jaded with fatigue, you make it worth my while

No innuendo, who's a friend though, when you're ready to dial?

I like to drop my two cents in- give you tips

Life lessons and quips to help you regain your grip

Because nothing in this world should make you sad for a minute

Especially when I can see someone so beautiful in it

And I was sorry to hear

That you had to call it quits after almost a year

I saw a lot of happiness rescind and disappear

From the nights that you'd escape to find yourself back here

It's unclear why you struggle, yeah, I've heard the chorus

When attachment snaps, you react like Chuck Norris

I know it frustrates you, you're trying to give it your all

But after cleaning up his mess, he's not around when you fall

Stand tall, girl, you know you've got it inside

Get back up where you belong, dust off and swallow the pride

Life works in cycles like the changing of tides

And there's an open door for every one that you've been denied

The remnants of your past regret- why would you dwell on?

I think you'd better fast forget- until you're well on

The way to brighter days- it's another direction

And you know I've got your back, in case you need the protection

The thought's crossed my mind

It's not like me to be naïve when I can read between lines

However, this one's made me wonder every time you're around

Whether we're riding to the party or I'm crashed on the ground

Whether we're sharing or philosophies or acting like clowns

Whether I'm mocking our democracy or slurring my sounds

Is how you take so many characters, interpret them all

And shake them up inside sifter, and observe as they fall

By default, you spark the dialogue that hits me direct

And when I ask you have you knew you're like "what'd you expect?"

It's amazing- I like to think I'm pretty secluded

But after having words with you, it's like I'm rendered refuted

So yes, the thought's crossed my mind and it's perished

As I opted not to compromise what I truly cherish

We've built a bond so strong that I would die to defend it

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"