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​Pokerface Reprise

This song is by Dirtyseal.

I've taken much more than I can take

All the cheating and lies have got my eyes on the break

Take my foot off the gas, no heart to follow through

There's a piece of me striving to believe it's not true

Me and you were meant to be, fairy-tale relationship

Expressing so much interest right before you went defacing it

Replacing with every vice you once renounced

Like what happened? you took my heart and bounced

And now you instigate, but properly no one can refute it

'Cause every time that you advance I take a chance and look stupid

You run the rolodex of romance, like Russian Roulette

And spin a web of fabrication without breaking a sweat

So I admire it to some extent, but not as a victim

You like to play with all your prizes in the order you picked them

And so I'm sitting, patient, immersed myself in my music

Until the day you find your phone and a reason to use it

So what's the plan now? a foreign land has enlightened

Another claim but I refrain from thinking senses are heightened

The words are twisted in a way that sounds sincerely suspicious

Within a matter of minutes, I catch a hint of the vicious

I wish this was the way we planned it 'fore the hope had disbanded

Standing alone on my planet, feeling I'm taken for granted

Just like a sad soul, lost in a wave of transition

And every time that I cry out, I doubt that you even listen

Are you aware that I'm in tune to your liaisons and flings?

And also sharp to what you harp to them? I hear the same things

And mentally, you can't pretend to be someone that your not

Especially when I recall each of the times you've been caught

I fought them off for so long, the memories of your treachery

Scaling tallest of peaks, retreats from internal enemies

Eventually you made the contact, hope bereaved

As it was evident that once again you'd left me deceived

I sit and stir about the misconceptions I've been devout to

Wondering how many things there are I don't know about you

Like a horoscope, ambiguous each time that you speak

And when I've opened myself up, you make me beg for a peak

Of any kind of human sentiment you carry inside

Now I can see you've already been married off to your pride

Take me along for the ride, another ploy for affection

So insecure you like to tour allure in every direction

In reality, I've come to see myself an investment

Swapped around in your portfolio from every assessment

Restless from my own denial of unethical treatment

And the assembly of suitors, that I've been made to compete with

When the truth is exposed, it accompanies blows

Such as the fact I interact with someone nobody knows

So it goes, discouraging there's no one above

When at heart, she's eternally immune to my love

Esconda detrás de la cara de póker