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​Oh Snap!

This song is by Dirtyseal.

Every time I hit the track you should just throw in your towels

'Cause every time you try to mack, it's like you're moving your bowels

You can spin the wheel of fortune, but I'm buying the vowels

To put the 'O's inside your groupies, floozies, hoes and your cows

Now, I'm officially proclaimed game, the world's greatest

Man, don't even try to play this, stuff's reduced just like a playlist

Full of John Tesh, jaundice, describes your true color

And I'm spitting it so sick, I must be dating your mother

Oh no, he didn't! yes, he did

Allow me to introduce myself, 'round here they call me 'the kid'

Except I don't play for The Penguins, man, that's a trite misconception

Although I do shoot for the face, I call it sight contraception

The lesson of today's lecture: don't be acting like Hector

Or you can feel on these Achilles till you're covered in nectar

Which means you're my dog- I'd advise that you disappear

Yo, is that hair gel you're got running down the back of your ear?

Oh snap! quick hits and quips

To rip the face off the disgrace you like to call your shit

Oh snap! you got a stutter or tick

Another masochistic statistic, step off of the-

It's not surprising, I'm arising from the ashes like phoenix

Telling the bros you takin' blows like a community Kleenex

You shoulda seen us on track, attacking Rick Ross rhythms

After one spit, saw pieces fit just like the Tool track, 'Schism'

And that's the irony, a rock background and mosh-pitting

Taken to a life of lyricism, laid-back and smitten

The written word just like a love affair- glazed eyes and mussed hair

Eloped one night to make rap right, before mainstream could prepare

I dare you to try to find a single phrase out of place

And I object to fouling out, 'cause it don't get me on base

You gotta face the reality, you're just outta these leagues

When we roll 20,000 deep, don't even speak about greed

This is the forefront of change, initial wave of destruction

Pulling up the skirt, exposing all the dirt and corruption

So before you pick that mic up, take a minute, reconsider

'Cause a public castration'll tend to make a man bitter

Swift with the stride, I'm taking pride in my full-frontal delivery

No marauder any toddler'd take the substance you're giving me

Vividly, no hesitation, raping all of your words

Changing the predicates but keeping all the nouns and the verbs

Adjectives- abstract kids use them to drown out a meaning

By inadvertently diverting any thoughts intervening

A cognitive collaboration, that creates adaptation

To maybe make you take a second look around at your nation

But his is rap, right? screw it, soothe 'em over with arrogance

Sell 'em diamonds, don't start rhyming about finding the terrorists

That exist behind a doctorate which claims we're all equal

Government of the people, by the people, for the people

Yeah right, you're civic-mind's about as large as your phallus

And after adding up your talent, I see why you're callous

Your creativity's a causality, but the dread flows on

Man, you were dead before you even put the headphones on