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​So What

This song is by Dirty Trashroad and appears on the album Dirty Trashroad (1994).

There you go playin' Spenser,
Gotta know who, when and where.
You'll never know for real, so why do you even care?
People talk and people walk away
From what they say today.
I'll tell you what you wanna hear,
If you wanna be my prey.

Ooh... Yeah... You'll never know.
So why don't you just get out of my way?

Out-of-tune ventriloquist,
Why don't you look into your mirror?
You'll find your doll in the lookin' glass,
Peepin' Tom, the monitor.
Lazy enough to let the world go around in hearsay
You're gonna turn into a myna
If you don't quit your ways.

So what, so what...
So what, so what...

Here's a tune I wrote for you so hope
You like the way it sounds
Lick... my thang
Suck... my thang
Won't you try my thang... yeah
Won't you taste my thang... yeah
Won't you move my thang... yeah
Won't you lick my thang
Do me babe!

It's just about impossible to
Measure me with your stick.
You'll never know for real so
Why's your head so thick?
You can try your flirtin' tricks,
You'll never shoot me down.
Can't you tell after all this time
You're the talk of the town?

So what, so what...
So what, so what...
I hear voices talkin'
'Bout me everywhere,