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​Empty Room

This song is by Dirty Trashroad and appears on the album Dirty Trashroad (1994).

The morning visits me, my night all alone,
No destination in my mind.
Got on the train to throw away this drone.
Searchin' for you at the end of the line.

The silent snow falls, veilin' our memories,
Still knockin' at the door of your heart.
The desert craves the rain,
I'm on my knees, oh please.
I'm at the window since we've been apart.

Eye to eye, our farewell passed us by,
Lost and confused
All alone in the crowd.
Walk the busy streets lookin'
For a familiar face.
I found myself in our room, ooh,
Empty room, ha...

Time flows on endlessly like on a merry-go-round.
I see your smile fade away.
Illusions of your love resound, they surround me.
Horse is my mate, lonely holiday.

'I couldn't do it like a poet
Who can hold back his tears.
I'm just like a wolf whose pack has left him,
Roamin' the streets aimlessly.
Starin' at my fadin' heart, our time has stopped
In this empty room...'