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​Dirty Winner

This song is by Dirty Trashroad and appears on the album Dirty Trashroad (1994).

'You're a (royal) piece of shit.'

I'm doin' my own thang.
Lots of assholes don't like it.
I try to win and in the end
The end justifies the means.

Now the carwash costs a dollar
Don't want to waste so much.
Yeah, baby, I'm drivin' the American Dream.
You're cruisin' in your limousine.

So baby, hang 'em high (dirty winners)
Baby, hang 'em high (dirty winners)
So baby, hang 'em high (dirty winners)
I'm jammin' in the shadow of the blues

Breakdown's easy
Lon as you're goin' all the way.
Now here's what I wanna do
Kick in your ass royally.

You're so blind Mr.Kiss-Ass.
Cheatin' on broads and kids now
You're just a pimp, a piece of shit.
How can you do what you do?

Well, you never run out of all your shit, problems.
(In deepest shit)
Sick and tired of your hanky panky, sly, slick smiles.
Can't you tell you're the baddest talk of the town?
(The baddest kind)
Why don't you burn in hell?
(Ah... ha)
Burn in hell now

'Drop dead, Kiss-Ass'