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Luna E Ombre

This song is by Dirty Rain and appears on the album Luna E Ombre (2004).

(Federico Mondelli, Marco Ciuffreda)

The vanity of the amber sun
Enlightens the high blank sky
The trouble of the victims of the sight
Make their minds too shut around the verity

The verity of the forms
The essence of the air

Luna e ombre si cullano nel cielo
Vibrano in sintonia e tremano
Gli stessi brividi e le stesse paure
Chiudo gli occhi e sento... nebbia
Bruciano gli occhi e grido... luce

Skies of the days to come
Crimson are your sides
And the rapture of the mind
Dancing where the dreams converge
Words left grey scars and photograms

Two eyes too bare to see

Luna e ombre si cullano nel cielo
E c'è silenzio, non tremano
Non più brividi né paure
Dormo e sento...
Dormo e tremo...

The shades of night
Collide with the elements' force
The evanescent veil get inflamed
By the voice of the truth

Two eyes too bare to see

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