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This song is by Dirty Rain and appears on the album Luna E Ombre (2004).

(Marco Ciuffreda)

Never try to understand
The fear routing me
Unveiling dreadful end
But the cold clouds again
Are freezing me

Your eyes are wells
Like a cradle of endless tears
Never touched the black lined lips
And leave my desire dying
Lie in the dust

Forever I will never forget
The heaven inside me
My life slips on your fingers
And the finally cry of me

The dark angel in you
Has forsaken me
Another time I fall
Lost in the oblivion

Never I know why you're
My light and my dusk
My defence, my fear
My warmth and my cold
My clouds... forever

Every breath of yours
Is a new shiver on my skin
A new twilight in the darkness
Light the bloodred clouds
Of the dying

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