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...Of Winter

This song is by Dirty Rain and appears on the album Luna E Ombre (2004).

(Federico Mondelli)

When winter dazes the vernal blooms...

A frozen beauty flows
Like a scarlet petal on the water

Fiery hair now is lying
Framing a cerulean pale face
Celestial eyes stifled to not warm
Nevermore the vesperal heart with their azure

Iced hearts
Crystallized in the eternal frost
But never fastened
By the river of forgetfulness

Wan lips to lay on to
And an ambrosia-scented breath
To inspire the sweet sleep
Of your candid nudity

"Era fredda la terra
Sotto povero cielo,
Era immobile e chiusa
In un torpido sogno,
Come chi più non soffre
Anche il gelo era dolce
Dentro il cuore profondo"

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