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Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow (2004)Edit

Dirty On Purpose - Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow
Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow
  1. All New Friends
  2. Mind Blindness
  3. Cheat Death
  4. Girls & Sunshine
  5. Spider Eyes

Hallelujah Sirens (2006)Edit

Dirty On Purpose - Hallelujah Sirens
Hallelujah Sirens
  1. No Radio
  2. Your Summer Dress
  3. Lake Effect
  4. Light Pollution
  5. Car No Driver
  6. Always Looking (Intro)
  7. Always Looking
  8. Marfa Lights
  9. Monument
  10. Kill Our City
  11. Fake Lakes

Like Bees (2007)Edit

Dirty On Purpose - Like Bees
Like Bees
  1. Audience in the Room
  2. Like Bees
  3. Back to Sleep
  4. Send Me an Angel
  5. Airshow Disaster
Bonus tracks on downloadable release
  1. No Radio (acoustic)
  2. Monument (live)
  3. Audience in the Room (demo)
  4. Your Summer Dress (live)

Additional information

Former members:
  • DJ Boudreau - bass
  • Erika Forster - keyboards, vocals
  • Joseph Jurewicz - lead vocals, guitar
  • Doug Marvin - drums, vocals
  • George Wilson - guitar, vocals
Record labels:

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