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This song is by Dirty Old Men.

You thought I was a bad dream when you saw me next to your small bed
You soon knew my reality as I thumped upon your puny head
Behold my great existence as I skeletize your tiny frame
I only spare the faithful that exalt and praise my spooky name
Backup vocals: I am Skeletor

Hark! I am Skeletor!
Bow and kiss my skully boots
Gaze into my glowing eyes and
Tremble at the power of Greyskull

Now that you know I am, won't you join the ranks of living dead?
Let us crush this He-man and we'll feast upon his muscled head
Half the sword is mine to keep and half the sword is mine to steal
Why not join my army and make He-man a most tasty meal?

I am Skeletor!
I am Skeletor!

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